Men’s Hiking Boots -5 Tips to Get the Best Outcome

Are you looking for the best hiking boots for men that you can buy? Keep reading! Here’s some tips for this all-important purchase.

Remember, fit is the key.

Above all, getting the right fit on your shoe is vital- in fact, the most vital factor of getting the best hiking boots for you. Consider the following 3 key points:

• Length: your toes need wiggle room, especially if you have any kind of foot defect needing attention.

• Width: feet should neither slide nor be pinched by the shoe

• Volume: The meaty part of the foot should fit comfortably within the shoe. This controls the slippage that results in blisters and the forces that cause black toenails.

Getting the shopping trip right.

If you’re going to return with the best hiking boots, be that the famous brands like Merrell or Salomon hiking boots or a different brand, you have to get prepared.

Tip 1: Be prepared.

Make sure you can spend some time over the selection process, especially if you’re changing brands or have never bought before. Shop during quiet hours for the best experience. Try to go later in the day, so your feet have swollen a little from daily wear.

Tip 2: Ask the specialists.

If you’re visiting the right stores, there will be a sales specialist able to help you find your personal best hiking boot. Most will have copious experience with different brands, and can help advise what has worked for other similar feet before.

Tip 3: Ask yourself the right questions.

You need to know what you want from your hiking boot, too. Consider how much hiking you’ve done before, and the kind of terrain you’ll be tackling. The weather that you expect during your time on the trail is crucial to consider, too. You need to know roughly how heavy your pack load is, and whether it will be a multi-day hike typically. Lastly, remember to consider all the personal peccadillos of your feet, be it bunions or old breaks. Don’t feel silly having a good look at your own sockless foot- think beyond simple length and width. Do you have high arches or soft feet?

Men's Hiking Boots

Tip 4: Try on more than one pair.

The best hiking boots are designed to be comfortable, so don’t just decide the first pair you try on are right- there may be a better pair waiting in the wings for you to find them. Remember that European brands like Salomon hiking boots are often best suited for slender feet. Check for pinching, comfort at the heel, and anywhere that feels tight.

Tip 5: Spend some time with each boot.

Above all, walk in the boot. A quick on and off won’t tell you what you need to know- whether this shoe will be long-term comfortable. So try the stairs, or walk through the store a bit in them.

Finding the best hiking boot for you is an easy task if you keep these 5 great tips in mind.

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