What to put in your Outdoor Survival kit

First, you need plan out what you are going to do outdoors. If you are going to taking a long trip and hiking far away or if you are going to go boating nearby, your outdoor survival kit will be very different in these cases so you need to figure out what you are going to do first.

Some things for every activity: you should always make sure you have a first aid kit regardless of where you are going and what you are doing. The things included in the first aid kit depend on how long your trip is. Also, always bring food like nuts and granola bars, plenty of water, and a flashlight for the night. You can also have a pocket knife for some defense or to cut something.


Personalizing your survival kit: some suggestions: If you know a lot about the terrain and possible edible fruits in the area to which are you going, you will not need as much food there because you will be able to find food to eat. However, if you do not know much at all about your destination’s landscape, you should definitely stock up on as much food as possible.

Boating for a day: If you are going to be over any water, you should have a flotation device if your boat overturns. Some places have laws so that everyone has to carry a flotation device, but make sure you have one for every person in the boat. Also, make sure you bring along some sunscreen because there is a lot of light shining on you when you are in a body of water.

Wilderness Survival Kit

Hiking in the Woods: If you are journeying into the wilderness for a day, and there are no real roads along the path that you are traveling, you should try to complete your trip within one day to avoid camping out. However, if you are stuck in the woods overnight and the weather is hot, you will not have a tent and you will not be prepared for an overnight stay. Bring a piece of tarp or some plastic to cover you as shelter if it rains.

You can also use some rope to attach the plastic to some trees, such as paranoid because it is inexpensive and not very bulky. If the temperature does get a little cool and it is rainy, you will need to start a fire. Bring in your outdoor first aid survival kit a lighter, matches, striker, or some flint, depending on your experience level, so you will be prepared to keep yourself warm, just look at the site http://www.lhvc.com/index.php/news/720-nhs-grad-annie-waterbury-and-her-dog-jude-conquer-the-colorado-trail.


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